Gregory Miles Hoffman


selected compositions

community : ratio, inspired by the social structure of ants, explores the tension between an individual’s obligation to the community and duty to oneself. It examines the notion of altruism within a super-organism, and asks where the primary responsibility lies when self-assertion is at odds with the interests of the group. What defines “self” in a society where the individuals themselves are replaceable or even expendable? Do hierarchal societies value new ideas from individuals who challenge the status quo? In an era when decisions with unprecedented impact on the well-being of us all are in the hands of the few with equally unprecedented power, these issues are more relevant than ever. How should we, as individuals, respond?

  - GMH and MMM

Choreography: Mari Meade Montoya

Music: Gregory Miles Hoffman

Costume Design: Marc Witmer

Lighting Design: Alex Fogel

community : ratio

    electronic sound collage

        for modern dance [2010]