Gregory Miles Hoffman


selected compositions

A virtuosic work that encourages perseverance in the face of obstacles, and resiliency when trouble and misfortune fall upon us. Sometimes the most difficult and painful experiences can inspire the most life-affirming and invigorating episodes of our life. It is these tribulations that often shape and define who we are. While most people would never wish for such trials, and wouldn’t want to experience them again, I find in my own life that in some weird way I am thankful that I have endured, and survived, the most horrible moments of my existence. The sometimes abrasive quality of this music represents those times when every waking moment is misery, but you grit your teeth and turn to face life full on. Because that’s all you can do. Because you have to.

Vaulting Tempest and Tumult

    for cello and electronic sounds [2007]