Gregory Miles Hoffman


selected compositions

In the spring of 2007, Charlotte Blanc-Lainé approached me about collaborating on a project dealing with the juxtaposition of personal and geographical boundaries. Her concept was to loosely equate the complications of interpersonal romantic entanglements with the inherent tension of political and legal divisions on a global scale, and to explore the turmoil within the dynamic systems of these frontiers. To that end, she asked me to construct a sound collage to help realize her vision. Charlotte had a clear idea of certain sounds she wanted to hear in the piece, and I tinkered away to solidify the material into a cohesive structure. Throughout, we collaborated on molding the form until the pacing matched the dance Charlotte had in her head. She then set about choreographing the specific movements.


Falling Wall, Falling in Love

    electronic sound collage

        for modern dance [2008]

Choreography: Charlotte Blanc-Lainé

Music: Gregory Miles Hoffman

Costume Design: Charlotte Blanc-Lainé

Lighting Design: